Today, when I was writing up a journal entry for the One-Year devotional reading, I felt like I heard and saw something regarding the tail-end and next stage of this strange season. I had just finished typing what had come to mind when I was reading, when I saw an image in my mind that was something like the one above. I could see the summer sun rising up over the horizon. I felt this exuberant warmth and energy. I felt certain of something coming in the coming weeks. I felt like all of this was coming to an end; the the Lord is going to fully redeem this “part 1” of 2020. What comes next will cause January through May to pale in comparison to the just how good the rest of the year is going to be. June to December will be a season of nonstop good. That feels very bold and even a little uncertain to say, but I felt like I was meant to.

I specifically felt that the official “start” of the next season (even in the next couple of days) would bring extra vitality and optimism to the White House and everyone who lives and serves from that place. I also felt like the Lord will reward leaders and individuals who chose to respond to this strangeness by repenting and allowing the Lord to work in it — big or small, He is beginning to revitalize what others say is long-gone or at the very least a long ways from getting better. He won’t let foolish legislation rob you of those whose family legacies and business are in danger of collapse.

You will be able to pass that on to the next generation, with this nonsense long behind you. You’ll only remember the good and the amusing, not the frustrating or anxiety-inducing. On the other hand, I was comforted by hearing a more stern side to what God will do…

I’m not declaring fire and brimstone on leaders we disagree with or who are overreaching. That would be a little ridiculous (even though I’m wrapped up with my patience-o-meter, if I’m being honest). I am saying that I heard the Holy Spirit say, happily and sternly: It’s time to stop, now.” Those who abjectly refused to change, to practice optimism and kindness, who refused to roll back excessive attitudes and force, and who took advantage of a public and economic crisis to further their agendas are in for a rude awakening.

Anything covered up will be brought to light. The power some abused will be fenced off and limited by the people and by better leaders. Their influence will begin to wane with alarming speed. The hold their voices once had will evaporate, and they will either be left behind in confusion or respond to the chance to repent and be a part of the grand change that’s coming, whether they want it or not. Lock-down or no lock-down, He’s given the world a Sabbath of time even within this nonsense, and He’s ready to see who obeyed Him in it — and who did not.

God’s justice and judgement over darkness is not limited to the end of all things. That is obviously going to be the fullest and most perfectly complete expression of everything God has promised and warned, but God is going to bring His judgement and reward for this season. I strongly felt that this change will not merely be gradual and unnoticeable, but as bright and certain as the sunrise of a summer day.

If you’ve been honorable, full of compassion and the love of Jesus, you’ll find that things will be remarkably better than you hoped or expected.

If you didn’t…well. You’ve got time before the sun rises.

That’s not a threat — He’s just ready to flip the switch, with or without you.

I choose with!



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