Our God Reigns

I don’t normally post twice a week, especially a day apart, but this is different.

This morning, I felt lead to write out a longer prayer than usual at the end of my devotional journal. I was listening to a live version of a Bethel song that I knew was immediately appropriate for the current news cycle. I don’t want to over explain it, but earlier this morning, I saw a short video a journalist posted on Twitter of a street in Minneapolis in the aftermath of riots. It resembled the pictures you might find of a legitimate war zone.

I thought it was sad, but it kept coming back to me as I was writing. It isn’t how things really are; it is an extreme example of a real problem happening in our world, but I did not at all like what it seemed to represent. There’s only one solution to a city with a “deficit of hope” as the chief of police said: King Jesus.

I usually highlight some passages and work them into a prayer when I finish my journal. The passages I used today come from Psalm 119:89–90 and Proverbs 16:6. I wanted to share that prayer I felt led to write down:

God, I thank you that Your Word is settled in heaven and on earth. Your law, Your expectations, and Your desires for the cosmos are set in stone. They are unchanging and always faithful.

The goalposts have never been moved — Your statutes remains faithful for every generation. You created this planet and made it to be full of life, holiness, and unity.

You made this planet to be whole and fully obedient to You. I pray that Your faithful words become what this nation and her cities and her people turn to.

This world needs Your faithful love and Your perfect law more than ever. Help me to be a voice of Your faithful love and Your perfect, fair, and just Will on the planet.

Jesus, I pray that the mercy and truth of Your sacrifice brings atonement to all iniquity. I pray the Holy Spirit changes and heals hearts and minds. Bring powerful, merciful, and honest hope. In one city there is a great deal of anger, heartache, violence, and sin.

There is so much good news, and so much of it has been hidden by these extremes. The extremes do not define America.

We are NOT a nation of racism or violence or fire.

Let the blood of Jesus cover all wounds and bring healing.

That brief video of a ruined city street in Minneapolis was genuinely haunting. That will not be what defines this year or this country.

Jesus, bring healing and hope.

Let right hearts and cool heads prevail. Let there be an unexpected, supernatural surge of calm and justice across all fronts.

Let Your Holy Spirit exercise His dominion and His power over my city, my county, my state, my country, and my world.

The Fear of the Lord reigns over the United States of America. Reverence and love for the holiness of God will rule over the shadows of bloodshed, injustice, and human arrogance.

Jesus, help us. Even today, I pray that there is a sudden swell of repentance; let stolen items be returned, let money be raised for broken homes and livelihoods.

Let the truth be outed, let the honest and good police officers across the country remind us who they really are.

Let these men who failed turn to repentance and fully cooperate with the law.

Let the family of this man be protected and let the families of those officers be protected. Silence the voice of blame and banish the accuser and his cronies from whispering their way into halls of justice and legislation.

You reign. My God reigns.

I praise You for Your Word. I praise You for Your justice. I praise You for Your mercy.

In the name of Jesus, amen.



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