So, I got a brand new cart. We weren’t supposed to be in the process of getting it until late July, and probably even longer. But instead, the Lord wanted me to have it fast, and it got here by the end of June. I have had it for the past few days. It is a better and much more healthy chair that was made specifically for me. I got pretty distracted by newness and new feelings and muscles being used properly and healthily in ways they hadn’t for years. I wasn’t ungrateful, but I haven’t been saying thank you enough.

I wanted to fix that by writing a public thank-you note to God, to focus on how good and healthy and life-changing this new machine really is and will be for me. It won’t be super long, but I thought it would be a good idea to write, for my own sake and for the sake of family and friends who care about me — and because I know it is the right thing to do.

Father, I thank You for Your thorough and swift attention to my life. I thank You for protecting me from pain and injury that may have needed serious attention if left alone.

I thank You for doctors who measured me and got the perfect fitting chair and all the bells and whistles for comfortable movement. I thank You that I am able to go on walks with my brothers and dogs without hurting my back and sitting in discomfort.

I thank You that things will only get better, that my posture will get even better quickly and that my muscles will not just “get used” to things, but will adjust and become even healthier and stronger than ever before.

I thank You for caring deeply about me, more than I can fully understand.

I thank You that, as wonderful and well-designed as this cart is, it is only temporary. I know there will come a point, sooner than I realize, where I won’t ever need any kind of device like it again.

It is sometimes hard to look past temporary discomfort. But I know that it is all only temporary — that it does not define my life or my experiences or my future.

Thank You, God, for Your abundant and overwhelming mercy and love for Me.



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