A Letter from the Father

Ben Davenport
4 min readMay 14, 2018

This is something that was very different than anything I have really experienced. A few nights ago, I was listening to music in my bed. I began to listen to some other songs, and one of the songs that came up was about God’s love. Specifically, how much more He loves us (the song is written from His perspective) than every great thing He created.

God loves us more than the sun and stars, and every beautiful and grand thing He created, from the mountains to the ocean, points to Him and His love. It is a song I have always really enjoyed, and I was blessed hearing it. But as I was listening to the song, I heard something else.

It was like I was hearing an audiobook, hearing a reading of a letter. I knew right away that it was from God, a letter written about the way He saw me. I only heard a few things, but I was very much overwhelmed, and happy crying, and I woke up the next day thinking about it.

Sunday afternoon, I spent a moment listening and making sure I heard every word clearly; I wrote this out and shared it with my family. I made sure I printed it out, and pinned it somewhere I can read it every day. Later (this morning), I felt like I should share it on a blog post as a testimony.

I want to be sure this doesn’t come off as self-interested or anything nonsensical like that, but this is the “letter” I feel strongly God wrote for me personally, and I hope it moves you as much as it moves me (and maybe it might lead you to listen for a letter of your own). It’s a bit long, but I felt it was important to copy it exactly as I heard.

A Letter from the Father

Ben; this is the way I see you:

When I look down and see Benjamin Davenport, I see a strong, joyful, deeply sensitive and caring young man. Who cares so much for his family that he spends nearly every waking hour doing as much as he possibly can to be sure they are happy and that his conscience is not violated in any way around them — and it never is. He is careful and studious and wise beyond his years. He is so deeply attuned and sensitive to My promptings and voice that he physically feels it in his person.

I do not see anything but this. Whatever he may fear or worry about, even if he is frustrated or concerned over random and empty thoughts: whether he is being a kind and patient brother, whether he is being a respectful son — these are not the things I see. These are not a part of nor will they ever be a problem for him. All he needs to do is listen to my voice and practice, with the same discipline he has been using for years, all of what he has learned and knows is true about himself. All of this will be a learning experience and will give him the strength to overcome every challenge and help others face them, help his own family, years from now, beat the accuser in their own lives.

So long as he rejoices and laughs, and does so on purpose, he will see all these things I have said as 100% true, every day. No little thing matters, not even big things matter. A joyful, healthy, peaceful life is what I have in store for him. This is something I desire for Him and want him to have. I do not want him to worry, or to fear. He is stronger than any attempt of the enemy in his life, and he should know: he has beaten that darkness on every front, every single time. And I have been there every time.


You are treasured, brilliant, and unique.

You are loved by Your Heavenly Father, your Dad, Mom, both of your brothers, and your sister. You are loved by your extended family, by friends, and by people who you have never met. But you are on their hearts, in prayer.

I gave My most precious gift for you. For your healing and for peace in your mind, heart, and soul. Rejoice!

And any time you may ever feel any differently, read this. Read this, remember every word spoken over you. And listen to Me. Just Me.

I love you more than you could ever fathom.

  • You belong to Me